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Description: Vera Prokic | Classic music
Unpublished, the record that marked the commemorations of the Centenary of the Republic.
Performance: Classical Music
Acting since: 2009
Members: Vera Prokic - Piano
Works in: Lisbon, Abroad
Main Category: Piano
Main style: Classic
Additional styles: Contemporary

Álbum: Texto
Álbum: Música

I took the liberty of sharing some thoughts with you.

We are at the beginning of the celebrations of the Centenary of the Portuguese Republic, the motto for this project and the opportunity to record this CD.

Franz Liszt, Alfredo Keil, José Vianna da Motta and Edward Luiz Ayres d'Abreu were passionate about the piano. So am I. I was happy to have had the opportunity to get to know, discover and work on these pieces for no reason abandoned and forgotten in the drawer, as well as the piece written especially for this occasion.

During the preparation and study for this work, in too short a period, in the late hours of the night
  of a summer of 2009  that just passed, I confirmed that my intuition was right.

Several times I was surprised by the applause that came from the street, from groups of tourists who visited Lisbon and admired themselves with songs they didn't know and that they immediately liked.

For me it was a sign that the CD, in the future, could give pleasure to whoever listened to it.

My mission and work were accomplished.

All that is needed is the opinion of those who will listen.

I hope and wish that the pieces recorded here will gain a new audience with this edition for which they have waited so long.

After many years, they can be heard in your homes.

Álbum: Texto
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